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Sleep, it’s something we all cherish…but when you become a parent it can take on a whole new meaning! We believe that when it comes to a happy parent and child, it starts with a good night’s sleep. That’s why we created the world of Snüz, so we could shout out loud... but not too loud (!), about sleep.


Snüz was created in 2014 along with the iconic and award-winning SnüzPod, the UK’s very first mass-market bedside crib. Since then we’ve grown to lead the way in stylish nursery and kids products including furniture, décor, mattresses, sleep aids and play.


We’re never short of ideas! But only the most relevant and unique ones make it through our process to being launched under our loved Snüz name.


Style, innovation and quality form the DNA and design of all our products. We’re proud to be only nursery brand to be awarded the prestigious Queens Award for Innovation.

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Snuz Βρεφικό Λίκνο SnuzPod³, Natural

€ 349,90 € 279,90
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Snuz Βρεφικό Λίκνο SnuzPod³, Espresso

€ 349,90 € 279,90

Snuz Βρεφικό Λίκνο SnuzPod³, Dove Grey

€ 349,90 € 279,90
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