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TEAM TEX Group is the French Industrial European leader in child car seat (70% market share in France and 40% in Europe). The company is led by founder Yves Nania, strong experience of over 30 years in child care. The Group employs 350 people in Charvieu, Isère. - France 

Production is fully integrated on the site of 16,000 m2 with 20,000 car seats manufactured and shipped daily.

From concept through design, production of molds and manufacturing, TEAM TEX mastery and control every link in the production chain.Marketing and distribution are carried through to its various subsidiaries: Team Tex, Tex Team America, Team Tex UK, Team Tex Sud Americana, Kidimsitz - Germany, Renoteam - Poland, Russia Team Tex. TEAM TEX can claim to promote "Made in France" in the world. 
The products are sold under its own brand Nania, but under different brand distributors in France: Tex Baby, Babybus, Osann, Formula Baby, Moovy, Team baby 9; the Export: Mothercare, Mamas & Papas, Meggy, Chicco, Neobaby, Prenatal, Foppapedretti, Premaman.


Since 2006, a license was signed worldwide exclusive with Ferrari for the production and distribution of a full range of car seats in the image of the Prancing Horse. Since always, the safety of the child by car is our concern . Our products strictly comply with the latest safety standards subject to strict regulations at European and world level (ECE R44 / 04, FMVSS 213, SABS 1340).


The Group has in 2002, an internal laboratory crash test to beyond product development, practice monitoring the quality of production vis-à-vis the approved product (COP - control during production). Due to the width of its ranges, TEAM TEX today offers the largest number of registered products in the world.


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Nania Κάθισμα Αυτοκινήτου I-Max Sp 9-36kg, Avengers

€ 109,00
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Nania Κάθισμα Αυτοκινήτου I-Max Sp 9-36kg, Cars

€ 109,00
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Migo Καθισματάκι Αυτοκινήτου One 360o Grey 0-36 kg.

€ 229,90
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Migo Καθισματάκι Αυτοκινήτου Onyx i-Size 360° Black

€ 319,90 € 249,90
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