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Fifty years ago, Maclaren introduced the first umbrella stroller. It was made of aviation grade aluminum, weighed less than 6lbs and could be easily folded with one hand. The little baby buggy with big style revolutionized the lifestyle of parents and forever changed baby transport. Today, Maclaren continues its commitment to designing and creating outstanding premium products that exceed all global safety standards. Every Maclaren product is reliable, innovative and stylish in the Great British tradition. We are as passionate about creating products that enhance family life as we are about contributing to social and environmental causes that enhance our world.
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MacLaren Βρεφικό Καρότσι Techno XLR, Charcoal Silver

€ 499,90 € 449,90
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MacLaren Βρεφικό Καρότσι Techno XLR, Black Silver

€ 499,90
Κατόπιν παραγγελίας