Welcome to the world Cuddly Zoo, where its products ideal for children.

Unique educational designs, highest quality materials, perfect workmanship and all our hearts together form something special. Something more than a blanket or toy. Something every mother chooses specifically for your child. We know, because we are moms themselves.

Cuddly zoo is a Polish brand that has set itself the goal of creating a unique collection of blankets and accessories for children.

During the first three years of life the child is a long way from the helpless and in need of constant care a newborn to an active preschooler who smoothly moves and communicates with other people. These three years are extremely important for the development of a child who needs to learn so many things! He teaches primarily observing the surroundings and the people who are around him. That is why it is so important that the environment around the baby for him was friendly and always gave the opportunity to acquire new skills and development.

According to this philosophy, for us, everything that surrounds the child is not only beautiful and well-made items, but above all an opportunity to learn and play. In designing our fabrics and sewing of these products, we tried to make them meet the need for the development of a small child:

  • a variety of fabrics (cotton smooth, soft Minky fabric with raised dots) provide child sensory stimuli and stimulate the sense of touch;
  • bold colors attract the attention of a toddler and allow him to practice the efficiency of the eye;
  • specially designed blankets designs allow many educational playground with your child: counting, look for similarities and differences, naming colors, shapes, animals, learning letters, learning English words - we offer a few suggestions playground that can be used.

We take care that our products meet the expectations of parents and checked on both the walk and at home. We focused on your own designs , so these products are unique and different from the majority in the stores pink and blue. All the materials have appropriate certificates , to ensure youngest maximum security , but what makes us unique is the emphasis we place on the educational value of our products .

Our products are designed, manufactured and sewn in Poland.

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